Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Week 1 - Emek

This piece was done for Erykah Badu's latest album and it was created by Emek. I really love this illustration because Erykah Badu is the main subject and even though she is drawn with tons of armor on her you can clearly tell it's still her. On Emek's website he says the armor represents protection from the harsh realities of life which explains all the objects surrounding her. I like the fact that the album artwork looks really psychedelic. I love that look and that's something that I would like incorporate into my artwork using my own style. The vibrant colors in this really stand out and grabs your attention which I think makes this work and pop. In my art work I try not to be shy about using color and I like to experiment and see what colors look good together. I also love the fact that Emek has tons of flowers and trees in this piece, I'm a huge fan of doodling things in nature like different types of flowers so I enjoyed looking at that.


  1. I really like how Emek combines man-made machinery components with natural ones. I enjoy the symmetry of the art work. The double objects like the trees and the two moons show balance and harmony.

    I really enjoy drawing plants and natural things too. So this the piece is very appealing to me.

  2. The color in this is what stands out to me the most of all. I love using a lot of color in my own work so this really resonates with me. The peacock like feathers in the middle section really gives it an elegant touch. Just the detail in this piece is astounding, though I don't know the real size of it really anything with this detail is amazing.