Thursday, September 29, 2011

Week 3 - Carly Waito

This piece was done by Carly Waito. When I first came across her oil paintings I was really impressed! I was impressed for 2 reasons: 1.) For a second I thought I was looking at photographs of minerals and gems but I was wrong! 2.) She's the only artist that I know of that creates paintings like these. I never seen anyone attempt to paint minerals before. I love ALL her artwork because you can tell that she focuses on detail. Throughout her work each gem/mineral that she paints always look realistic and has this photograph look to them. Each one has so much color and detail and shine, it's kinda hard to believe that someone could actually make these type of paintings out of oil paint. It seems like it would take a a lot of time and energy just to complete one! Imagine trying to paint every single line or crack that you found in a rock. It's amazing and I wouldn't mind owning a piece of Waito's work one day.

Feel free to check out her website:

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  1. It's beautiful, but it really makes me want to ask why. Why would someone want to actually fully render a piece of mineral, by hand?