Thursday, September 29, 2011

Week 3 | BLU

BLU is just another talented, infamous graffiti artist, but what I like about BLU is his incredible graffiti stop-motion videos he creates. After stumbling upon his youtube video 'MUTO,' I've been following this artist's work for almost two years. Not much is known about BLU, except he's from Argentina and travels the world creating massive murals on huge walls for everyone to see. The one above was done in Barcelona.

According to wikipedia (a very unreliable source) he's been active since 1999. He's done a few collaborations with other famous artists which are also up on Youtube. I've noticed his style evolve into more social and political work. Sort of like Banksy's stuff. A very short and sweet, sarcastic way of taking a stab at the world's problems

here's MUTO.

- Javi


  1. I like how he uses a collage-like style to create a larger image. Do you know how long it takes him to complete pieces like this?

  2. I recognize this guys work. A friend of mine actually showed me the 'MUTO' video during high school. It totally blew my mind. I could imagine it must have taking days or months to draw and shoot all of those illustrations. (P.S) the link isn't working well at least not for me.. an error keeps popping up. But that's alright for me because I already know what video you are talking about. I'm just saying.

  3. @Catherine I wish I did.. He's got some patience though, check out the video up top.

    Thanks for letting me know Vicky, I just fixed it.

  4. BLU impressed me with MUTO, which I saw a few years ago. He combines graffiti and street art, with illustration, and animation. It's one of the most unique things I've ever seen. I've always wondered how long it took to make MUTO or other large pieces, and if he has permission, or if he takes risks every time he makes a new piece. Street artists really perk up old, decaying concrete cityscapes. Its a shame its not considered "real art."