Thursday, September 22, 2011

Week 2 - Holton Rower

So this piece isn't strictly pencil and paper work BUT I figured I would show you guys because it's pretty awesome. Plus it caught my attention and I just want to share! This was done by artist Holton Rower, and every time I look at the video clip and just watch the whole process of creating paintings like these, I'm always amazed and then I think to myself, why didn't I come up with that first?! It's just such a brilliant idea. I really love all his paintings because they look really trippy and he's clearly not afraid of using every color. I noticed that all the colors that he uses work well together to create this really organic shape. It sorta looks like a deformed cross towards the center but once you look at the whole thing it makes this odd blob shape! I personally think that he uses thinned out acrylic to make the colors bleed smoothly down the plywood and I also love the fact that none of the colors ever blend together, instead they form these wavy lines.

To see the process click the link below. Enjoy

Check out his website here:


  1. Ah yeah this is pretty cool. I'm familiar with this artist. When I first saw it I thought it was a nice idea -- fairly simple, effective results. I like the ones where they fill up entire rooms 'till the whole floor is covered.

  2. I watched that video a while back and thought it was amazing! So simple but very vibrant.

  3. This is sculpture not Illustration! How dare you! I will have you banned for this, *presses ban button*