Thursday, September 15, 2011

week 1 | light calligraphy

calligraphy / julien breton aka kaalam
photography / david gallard
exposure time / 8 min

I decided to do something that's not as popular as pencil-and-paper work that I've enjoyed doing myself. It's called light calligraphy or light graffitti. Basically a photographer increases the exposure on his/her camera and lets all the light flood into the lens for a specific period of time. If you move quickly enough and draw in the air, with LED lights or glowsticks, precise enough, you'll get some incredibly rewarding results. In order to do something like this, you need to have a very good sense of depth as well as be able to judge composition while being in the image itself. If you stop for too long or pass over the same place too often, your 'ghost' will be imprinted in the photo.
I consider this to be an illustration because you're using light as the medium and space as your canvas.

Here's a link to this particular artist if you're interested.

javi suarez


  1. This definitely stands out! I like your explanation as to why you think it's an illustration. I agree with you the light is used a medium! I think this image is really cool, i love how the glow sticks makes these certain curves. The lights look like they flow together smoothly.

  2. Crazy awesome. I'm sure it took a lot of takes to do it right.