Thursday, September 22, 2011

Week 2 ~ Street Fighter Skate Decks

In celebration of Super Street Fighters IV Arcade Edition, Capcom enlisted Imaginary Friends Studios artists to create designs inspired by the game on skate decks to benefit Music for Relief's Japan tsunami relief effort. The photo above shows three of the nine boards that were being auctioned.

I have always been facinated by skate deck illustrations when I started getting into skateboarding a couple years ago, but never got the chance to look more into them and nothing quite like these. When I first came across this photo, I was just amazed at how these artist were able to paint these Street fighter characters onto these boards so polished and clean. Each one of them had a unique feel to them and that gave a "bad ass" look. It really inspired me to give it a try someday and illustrate one of my own boards. It was also heartwarming to see artist, like these guys, be able to help the community with their art. I did something similar in high school where we held an event called "Empty Walls" where art students and guest artist would come in and draw all day until it was time to aution off the art to help raise money to fight cancer.

Music For Relief Website
Full View of Photo


  1. Art with a cause is always good. Not only does it look cool, but it's useful. I do think that art should serve some altruistic purpose.

  2. I used to skateboard, and I've always been interested in making decks. Plus it involves gaming art used in non-gaming situations, which I LOVE. I personally like the Akuma board best (left). If anyone has any info on the correct types of paint and types of glaze/sealant you would use to make a custom deck, I would like to know.


  3. I agree wit Jennifer, art can be very useful! I think the images on each skateboard are really cool. They have so much going on, and they are really detailed. Looks good!

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