Thursday, September 29, 2011

Week 3 - Ben Heine

Ben Heine is a Belgian artist, most known for his “Pencil vs. Camera” series. I came across his work while using Stumble Upon. The example of his work that I chose is from this series. I find it really cool how he combines the techniques of drawing and photography, and does so in such an interesting way. It would still be a great piece of art if he were to draw what he sees exactly and incorporate that into a photo, but he adds touches of imagination and humor along with his realism. His website is worth checking out. He has a lot more images from this series, as well as other works in other styles and mediums. There are also interviews on his site where he talks about his process for his Pencil vs. Camera pieces. Here’s his site:

Check it out!


  1. Oh darn, I was actually going to show one of his piece next week. I've actually been following him on deviantart for awhile now, where I first came across his artwork. It is just amazing how he is able to make his drawing fit the scene so perfectly. I actually tried imitating this concept before while I was riding the train home. Here:
    But obviously its not as good as his. It was fun to draw though.

  2. This is awesome! I love his style and technique. I really enjoy how he makes it his own by adding anything he wants to the drawing portion of the picture. It's both realistic and unrealistic at the same time. The guy with his head going into the ground is great!

  3. I have seen this guys work before, the ideas he gets for the scenes are so funny and random.