Friday, March 30, 2012

Week 9- Updated sketches

Hey guys,
Thanks to your suggestions I went these two ways  with my concept. The top one is of the rooster looking up at the sky while all the other chickens are pecking at their food.
The other way I went is of a young chicken looking up at the birds flying in the sky copying them only to learn that is a grounded bird.
In both images I exaggerated the size of their feet so it subtly makes them appear more weighted to the ground. I animated the faces slightly by cartooning the eyes, more so in the young chick.
Which one do you guys like better?
I plan on doing full color and I think I would like to do a realistic background. The medium will probably be water color base layered with color pencils and then finishing details in acrylic. Any suggestions or thoughts would be great to hear!

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