Friday, March 9, 2012

Controversial Body works

This work is done by German anotomist Gunther von Hagen. Displayed at  "Body Worlds show"  its intention is to familiarize the viewer with the inner-beauty of the human body.

 Von Hagens style started 25 years ago when using polymer chemistry, pioneered a preservation technique that replaces water in cells with plastic material. By 1990, he had plastinated his first whole body - a process that requires 1,500 hours' work and costs up to £25,000. The result is an odourless, dry, realistic-looking corpse that endures. Gunther asserts,"There are obviously aesthetic elements to what I am doing, but I am chiefly a scientist who wants to enlighten people by means of aesthetic shock rather than cruelty shock."

His many critics compare him to Dr. Frankenstein claimming his work is cruel, insensitive, and self serviing.

Not really seeing for myself a problem with Gunther's work, I admire his presentation. Carefully arranging internal organs, ribcages and the such takes talent in addition to a strong stomach. Why is human anatomy or organs shocking and disgusting in the first place?


  1. I've been watching youtube videos about this all week! It is so creepy but intriguing.

  2. It is interesting... I agree. But,the whole idea seems to creep most of the people out I talk to. Did you see some good stuff on youtube?