Thursday, March 1, 2012

Week 6- Life and Death

This is a more recent political cartoon by the artist Jim Morin. He works for the Miami Herald and has won numerous awards including the Pulitzer prize in 1996 for editorial cartoons. In terms of style he is defiantly a cartoonist with a more contemporary style that is more realistic and often uses color to help illustrate his drawings. The drawing depicts a man and a tree that was recently chopped down. The man is meant to be President Obama and the tree is meant to represent Osama Bin Laden. This cartoon was published after the death of Bin Laden. The roots of the tree are meant to represent Al Qaeda. I think what the artist is saying that although the figure head is dead the inter-workings of the terrorist organization still have root and possibility of growth.  I think the cartoon is very successful as it clearly illustrates a direct narrative and still allows different possible interpretations of certain aspects of the drawing.


  1. This is pretty neat! I don't know much about Jim Morin but I think this was a really clever idea.

  2. I agree. This image made me laugh after I read what it represented. Osama's face inside the tree (eyes closed)quickly took me to that point in time when he was taken down. But, notice the AlQaeda inscribed on the roots under the ground. That part of the tree is not dead. So maybe the artist is telling us that, although President Obama chopped the visible portion of the tree down, the significate unseen portion of (AlQaeda)is still alive and thriving.

  3. Wow really clever. I didn't notice that it was obama and the tree being Osama. This picture has a lot of symbolism on it!