Thursday, March 22, 2012

Updated Sketch

This is an updated sketch of the idea that I had in mind. I decided to make it more into a scene. I was having a hard time trying to come up with a crowded city only because I am not good with drawing straight lines. So for my concept, I have a young teen looking up to the sky and in front of him towards the distant is a hot air balloon departing away towards the city which is seen from a distance. On the hot air balloon I will add a quote saying "Sadness flies away with the wings of time". it's universal, I don't have an actual answer of what it is that he is longing but this is the part where I want the audience to connect themselves to the individual that is shown, and perhaps looking at the image can remind some one of a certain event that was either an important moment, or a memory that brings back feelings.
 For medium I am still not sure what I want to work with. However, I have in mind of working with color pencils because it can bring a lot of texture and I don't really work with color pencils so it might be interesting to try it out with this project.

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