Thursday, April 5, 2012

Week 10 Final Sketch

This is the final result of my Sketch. I actually ended up making some minor adjustments and just played with the concept. At first, I had plans on doing it with color pencil or water color pencil, but I did my first attempt with photoshop and here are the results. I'm sure as I continue to practice I will get better at it but I had fun trying it out.


  1. Hey check out a program called sketchbook pro! It's a much more streamlined way of creating digital paintings. Photoshop is great, but it's features are pretty complex for creating simple sketches and paintings.

    Anyway I think it's a great piece. The composition illustrates well the connection between the foreground figure and the person in the balloon.

    My only real suggestion is to use less of a blended paintbrush. Think of it as "painting in steps."

  2. Thanks a lot for the suggestions. I will look into sketchbook and use it for future projects as well. But yes, i do agree with you.

    -thanks bud!