Thursday, November 3, 2011

stephen blickenstaff - (LATE)

Stephen Blickenstaff is an illustrator and cartoonist probably most well known for this album cover he did for the Cramps back in the early 80s. I love the Cramps and I was always very fond if this cover art but I never knew who did it. It actually took me some time fishin' around online to figure out who this guy was because he is apparently not very well known. His website is pretty low-quality but it showcases a bunch of his cartoons and illustrations. He mainly does these little monster-type creatures and other things which are generally oriented towards death, darkness, and disfigurement --- the 3 D's of good subject matter in my book. This album art was pretty influential on my drawing style. I first saw it in high school and it stuck with me because it goes so perfectly with the Cramps' music... which is... for those who are not familiar... psychobilly -- a sort of zombie graveyard version of rock-a-billy. Great stuff. Check out Blickenstaff's super lo-fi website...

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  1. I love the minimalist nature of the colors. (just yellow and black) This is a pretty rad album cover, it's so stylized for being from the 80's. I could almost see this cover being played off nowadays. The texture in the hair is also very well done.