Friday, November 18, 2011

Best Day Ever- Sean McInerney

For my best day ever I finally find the love of my life! I'm the "small fry" and the sexy tattoo'd up cheeseburgirl is supposed to be an example of my love for food and women. The cheese burger is seen having tattoos, suggestive attire, and of course smoking a cigarette. I want that negative connotation that people usually associate with fast food to still be there. I was also thinking of adding another girl who be depicted as a soft drink to complete the "combo." The background will probably be a city street and I want food to be incorporated in the "love stare" in some way. I was thinking tacos or something would be swirling around with the hearts. I was also thinking about making the image way more suggestive but I like the playfulness this image could evoke rather than pure smut.

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