Thursday, November 3, 2011

Extra Credit- John Waters

Most people know John Waters just for his movies which are full of prostitutes, scat porn and transvestites they themselves are inspiration for me. What really inspires me though is his 'fine art' I guess you could call it. I was surprised when I saw him in Juxtapose magazine a while back because I didn't know that he did art pieces but as I was looking through the article I could tell that he was a man of many talents. Much of what I described in his films is shown through this artwork, there are many sexual themes and images that you just can't look away from. The piece I chose for the blog though is one of his sculpture pieces which is Charles Manson and Michael Jackson as babies having a play date. Though I am not a fan of Charles Manson I still think that the juxtapose of those two people, just being the public figures that they are, is so funny. Also I just love the look on the Michael Jackson babies face, I mean the whole pedophile image he has adding to the fact that they are both babies makes it all the more humorous.

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  1. For these sculptures he didn't try to make them "cute" or have younger faces. It's an adult head on the baby's bodies making them even more bizarre, which work for the humor and shock value of the piece.