Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Here we have K. Beaton of (that's 'hark a vagrant'). A female artist from Canada currently living in New York, I think. She is well versed in history and finds herself working in museums, but as a sort of hobby she produces the best humorous web-comic I know of. Sometimes the Jokes get to be more mainstream such as this spider-man strip she did for Marvel comics, but most of the time her comics involve obscure historical references. I must admit I have had to look up a lot of the historical figures she includes because I have no idea who they are, but it's worth while to look it up, your brain gets smarter because of it, *science fact. Beaton's style is very versatile and even iconic among some internet circles. Going through the archives on her site you can see her development from loose sketches on napkins with felt tip pens, to these beautiful colored comics with a strong well defined style.

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  1. I thought this comic was really cool. I never heard of this guy, but he does a really good job with these comics. His very loose and playful style really adds to the humor of the piece.