Thursday, November 3, 2011

extra credit

so i probably should have posted this last month, in the spirit of halloween and all.. but i forgot i had it. this is of course super funny illustration i found during a stumble session. it takes the characters of batman and puts them in a rocky horror scene. i figured since the love of batman is so strong in our class someone would get a kick out of it. i think this is a really well drawn piece, with the villains staying the villains, and everyone else the good guys. i always like when people take characters and place them in other settings. this piece looks to be an all digital work, the colors are very bright and vibrant and don't look as if done with traditional media. because i stumbled upon this, it was just this image, no link or website, i have no idea who did it or where it came from. I'm sure a google search could turn something up. so, did anyone go to the midnight showing of rocky horror?

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