Thursday, February 16, 2012

Week 4 RelationShips

I've never been a huge fan of fairy art. However I find this particular illustration pretty interesting. Throughout Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda series, the hero Link interacts with several small fairies. Whether they are showing him the way or healing his hearts, fairies are vital in Link's life. Without them, Link would barely get through his epic quest to save his princess. But personally, I always found Link's fairies to be rather annoying. To me, they were small balls of light that follow Link around constantly telling him "HEY! and to "LISTEN!". The fairy named Navi is notorious for being a nuisance in the Zelda universe. This is why I enjoy this illustration so much. I feel like it is almost a breath of fresh air. The fairy isn't depicted as a small ball of light with wings. Instead, it is personified into an actual female figure. In this illustration, the relationship between Link and the fairy doesn't seem annoying. On the contrary, it seems almost romantic. There seems to be a real connection with Link and the fairy. Many of us know about the relationship between Link and Zelda, but what if there was an unknown romance between Link and Navi? I know...I know...this is starting to sound like Fan Fiction. But I still think that this illustration is a good twist on the Zelda games. The relationship in this piece seems genuine. Rather than merely being a means to an end, the Fairy acts as a companion to Link and there seems to be a real "link" between them. (no pun intended)


  1. I've never been exposed to Zelda but I'll have to check it now. I like how "cool" looking this illustration is, like it was airbrushed. It's clean and smooth and kind of chiaroscuro lighting scheme as it's pretty dramatic and the only light source is from the fairly. Neat

  2. I have been exposed to Zelda, thoroughly exposed. And i love this, not only because of the illustrations style which is very coooooool, but also because of the content. In the game Navi is always shown as this annoying ball of light. But here she is shown with a hint of humanity, this picture shows an more in depth look at their relationships as the dynamic world saving heros, than the game can ever depict.