Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sheltered Weaklings

This is a japanese vintage political poster that was made by Takashi Kono in 1953. Here we can see that the big shark is the U.S and the school of fish is Japan. From what I know, the fifties was the time when everyone was recovering from WWII. Here Kono was symbolizing that U.S had control over its territory and was the dominant one during that time. In other words, Kono was presenting the social status of these two countries and where each one stood. Kono was giving the message that Japan couldn't do anything but submit to this idea and be sheltered by the U.S until they were able to become independent and rise once more.


  1. Wow! I think the artist did a great job. This image can be easily understood. Are the red fish Chinese or USSR?

  2. It's interesting that this was made in the fifties because the style is totally contemporary and the imagery is strong even to still have impact on an audience from today. Some symbols might have to be added but the idea of a larger figure guiding inferior beings with the symbol of the American flag could mean any number of things today. Great image!

  3. True, i have to agree with Maggie, the style of this piece is considerably modern for it's time.