Saturday, December 17, 2011


My original idea for drawing the city from a far off, detached viewpoint didn't work out because there was far too much extra stuff to draw and consider, for the relatively small payoff of achieving a quiet, dry style. So I tried some more cinematic viewpoints, going much closer. The banana needed to be more imposing so I tried to make him cast as large of a shadow as possible. As I worked and reworked the shadow, I kept on removing buildings from the foreground to show it off, until I removed them altogether. I inserted people for scale and to reinforce the sense of the light (yes, I realize that the person in the foreground's shadow is off, as sunlight's too far to diverge like that).

I based the shape of the shadow entirely off of my best guess at how the banana would cast it, so I was pleasantly surprised that it looked vaguely like a hawk. I gave the banana legs to better anchor it to its shadow (at first it was floating so that its flat end was high enough to see behind a building. If I were to redraw it i would use stippling instead of hatching; the scanner destroyed my lines and made them darker, which ruins the lower contrast i was using to make the banana seem far off. Also, stippling would've avoided adding the extraneous texture on the banana, since he needs to be smoother as well.

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