Saturday, December 17, 2011

Extra Credit 1

For this subject I decided to use illustrations by the artist Matthew Woodson, a contemporary illustrator who lives in the Chicago area. A lot of Woodson's subject matter deals with live and death in a variety of ways, but to me, is mostly depicted through images of nature. Each of these images depicts the subject in a different manner, the snake seem's obviously death, while the deer, life. The girl with the blood on her chest and face could mean a whole boat-load of different things but to me says that she killed something with her bare teeth (super sexy). That pretty much equates to death in my mind, but is a very interesting way of illustrating the subject, if that is at all what the artist intended it to mean. The birds are alive in a way that the deer is not, the image includes a birds nest filled with eggs, surrounded by adult birds, on a branch of a tree which too is alive. One of the greatest things about Matthew Woodson's art is the way he can illustrate both life and death, happiness and grief in such extremes of beauty.

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