Saturday, December 17, 2011

Extra Credit 2

These two images might be a stretch for some to imagine them as a portrayal of creativity, but to me are the embodiment of creativity itself, not only as artistic expression (creativity in itself) but as the subject matters own intrinsic value. Seriously, whoever drew Luke Skywalker using the force to take apart his lightsaber is an effing genius. For me this took on an entirely new dimension to star wars illustration. The fact that the artist had the creative drive to break down the physics of Luke's hand and saber make this an extremely creative and unique piece. The astronaut illustration is creative because (like the star wars illustration) it takes a common subject and turns it into an extremely unique piece of work. Maybe its my own personal opinion but, space suited ladies are pretty much one of the coolest things in the world. That being said, the use of different techniques for the piece add to its originality and its overall mood. To me the creative process brings up phrases like "cyber punk". The lack of narrative leave it up to the view to create their own story behind the image, adding to its strong, creative expression and influence.

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