Saturday, December 17, 2011

extra credit- relationships

The first illustration to me is different compared to the others in a way that it illustrates two very different relationships at the same time. The first that we immediately notice is the loving relationship that the woman clearly has for cats. Her facial expression and the amount of cats present is just corky and loving. This part of the illustration is directed to those who love and are sometimes obsessed over their animals, especially cats in this case. The other relationship resent in this illustration is that between the woman and man. This portion of it is directed towards the people that love their spouses and may have to deal with their weird obsessions and love for other things, but yet really don’t know what to do or how to deal with it. The two relationships are very apparent in this illustration though it shows a different side to relationships.

The second illustration is of these little creatures named Pon and Zi. These characters are always illustrated in this very cute, bizarre situation with corny love sayings. These little creatures are more directed at teen audiences and maybe young adults. These illustrations always depict love but in ways that one is always trying to win the love of the other and in doing so in really exaggerated situations. In this particular illustration of them a direct depiction of relationships is present. In all the illustrations of these characters they are depicted in a relationship, but kind of exaggerates the love that these characters feel for one another.

My third illustration is from Alison Bechdel’s comic strips Dikes to Watch Out for. In this illustration it is clear that there is a relationship between the two women. It is kind of unclear though what type of relationship this may be. It could either be a loving, romantic relationship between to women, or just a friendship. Whatever the real relationship is behind it, it is an illustration geared towards both lesbians and straight women. I think that either could relate to the illustration whether it is a romantic relationship issue or just friends not taking the same side. Whatever the case may be it is very clear that there is some sort of relationship between the two characters.

My last illustration I found was that of a relationship between a grandma and grandchildren. I believe that the intended audience is meant for the grandchildren in this one. It’s a situation that most of us have to deal with in our life even though we totally hate it. This is a comical illustration to those of us that have had to endure these long hours of when our grandma catches us and were forced to listen to long random babble and rambling. It feels as is he has been tied to a chair forced to listen to the never-ending stories and complaints that old people always seem to have. Most children are taught not to be rude to their elders so we try to be polite and listen and after many attempts of escaping were finally free…hours later. This is a clear love hate relationship.

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