Monday, January 31, 2011

Final Fantasy Tactics Character Design

I believe Ryoma Ito was the one who designed Marche (Character here). I have loved the Final Fantasy series since my youth and as I grew even more the art work. I say this is a great illustration because at heart it is the artist creative representation of a character.
The Final Fantasy Tactics art has a signature style. Childish faces, lots of detail in the clothes they wear, oval eyes that are in eyes that don't connect like normal eyes do and so on. Here I find bright colors, unique clothing, and more that get me excited make my own characters. I love how this character has skinny libs, and is short in statue, yet can carry a weapon that looks very heavy! The characters details clothing folds( in the arms and back), makes him look rigid, like he's a force.

The color palette is very nice as well, and of course it is drawn very well. All this comes together to make an awesome illustration.


  1. I also share a love for the Final Fantasy series. In fact, I cosplayed as Lulu for Acen, but enough of that. I agree on how even though the character is rather petite/childish, his stature and pose make him quite formidable. The delicate line work and grand attention to detail make this a great character illustration.

  2. I love the different art styles from the FF series. Compared to the other styles this one has a simplicity about it and at the same time it's full of detail. I've always wondered how those frail characters could wield weapons that look like they weigh more than themselves. I suppose the artist made it that way to show that there is great strength even in te smallest of us.

  3. I loved playing some of the Final Fantasy games. Even though I'm not a big fan of anime (sorry) I did like the work done for the later games.