Monday, January 31, 2011

Jacob Charles Dietz

"2019 Post Alley" was done by Jacob Charles Dietz, whom I recently discovered. For the particular illustration Dietz was inspired by Syd Mead;s concept art from the 1982 film "Blade Runner". I too am very inspired by Mead's work as well as various other artists' unique ideas of what the future might look like. The dark and grimy atmosphere in this image captures what I think most places in the future might look like. I love the undertone of mystery and danger as well. Dietz's loose brush technique and color palette really brings out all of those emotions. "2019 Post Alley" allows us to enter a place that we normally would want to avoid and it leaves the narrative up to us. I wonder what sort of seedy characters and activities lurk in those dingy buildings.
Even though the elements in the picture look far-out, it's actually very realistic. There are places that exist now that looks similar. The only difference is the fashion and car designs. Candid images like these intrigue me because it shows everyday life in a not so everyday world and it's more tangible than an outer space battle scene (although I like those too).

Ever since I was little I've always had a fascination with science fiction art thanks to visionaries like Mead and Dietz. Looking at fantasy and futuristic concept art makes me want to push my imagination and create my own world; from towns and cities to the people who inhabit them and their lifestyles.


  1. A nice piece. I liked how most of the piece is very dark with color accents in the signs around the character. In a way it reminded me of a style of animation that was done for a movie called Igor (but only slightly).

  2. I like how it presents a familiar, grungy cityscape with small, altered, details--the license plates and Chinese signage--which make the scene specific to a different time and a different place.

    I hate the rubberyness of the figures and objects. Undisguised computer-generated objects carry their own connotations and draw you out of the piece.

  3. I love concept art that has a futuristic environment. especially when you can see that the artist takes many elements from the present day and adjusts it slightly to create a somewhat "dirtier" and dark urban setting. This piece is very successful in showing the creators idea of what the future will be like.