Thursday, January 26, 2012

Week 1- Todd Lockwood

This was really hard for me but I have to say Todd Lockwood was one of the first illustrators who influenced me into my style of drawing. I remember in my early childhood years, I would see game cards of several dragons,elf's, and other creatures of different sorts, and I would admire them because I thought the cards were really cool and I always wondered who the artist was. Soon, I was introduced to the creator and illustrator of these cards by one of my teachers and since then I have always admired this artists style. Todd Lockwood is the creator  and illustrator of "Dungeons and Dragons"card game.


  1. Lockwood puts a TON of detail in his illustrations. I particularly enjoy his drawings of dragons. Very imaginative.

  2. Although I was never much into card games other than pokemon, I always enjoyed looking at the artwork on magic the gathering cards and the like. They seem to have their own unique style.

  3. Love the detail work on this one.